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27.5er rim,28mm wide MTB rims , XC cross country, Asymmetrical Rim 350+/-10g

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27.5er rim,28mm wide MTB rims , XC cross country, Asymmetrical Rim 350+/-10g


*Note:The weight indicated above is the shipping weight (packed). The net weight of product is indicated below.

Price(USD/PCS): $175.00
Use: mountain bike rim
Size: 27er/650B
Material: full carbon Toray T700
Type: clincher(beadless/hook-less)
Weight: 350+/-10g
Tubeless Compatible: Yes
Spoke Hole: 16H to 36H
Nipple Hole: external
ERD: 595mm
Inner Width: 23mm
Outer Width: 28mm
Depth: 25mm
Spoke Hole Drilling: +/-6deg
Asymmetric Offset: 2.5mm
Max Weight Limit: 115kg
Max Spoke Tension: 160kgf
Cycling Tyre Pressure: 30psi(recommended)
Finish: matte/glossy
Decal: customized
Weave: UD/3K/12K
Warranty: 1 year
Lead Time: 8 days
Item NO.: MRBMA272825BXC

Technology of rim

27.5er rim, Light Trail, Race, XC cross country, Asymmetrical Rim

* Asymmetrical Bicycle Rims: The rim is drilled off center which makes the wheel stronger by allowing the spoke tension to be similar between drive-side and non-drive-side spokes. Asymmetrical design helps the wheel get a more suitable tension.

* Our professional engineers updated the MTB cross country 27.5er rim and now it is light as well as stiff. It is specially designed for trail and cross country/XC race riding.

* The rim is light and strong which allows you to conquer the nastiest terrain confidently.

* Beadless: make a better air seal between the tire and the rim, by avoiding gaps at the hook bead. It also makes the rim less susceptible and more durable to damage if riders smash into mountain rocks on the trail or encounter a jump awkwardly.

* Tubeless compatible: please use a kind of yellow tape, sealant and tubeless tire if run for tubeless. If you want the fully UST(no spoke holes on the rim bed), please contact us and it is OK to manufacture it accordingly.

* AIO System: strengthen the rim by using long and continuous carbon fiber layers to wrap into the whole rim. It not only keeps the original continuous strength of carbon fiber layers, but also saves rim weight.


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